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Solar Panels Roof Racking

The Racking of the Solar System, also called photovoltaic mounting system, is the base used to mount the solar panels to the roof. The racking is used to safely anchor and fix the solar panel to the surface where the solar panels are installed such as the roof, the building facades, or the ground. There are different modes of anchors, each mode will vary depending on the roof or surface type. Selecting the proper racking system for each application is a key factor that will determine the reliability of the system under extreme weather conditions.

Macsol Solar

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Solar Panels are typically installed on the roof and sometimes installed in a yard, always where sunlight hits. The photovoltaic solar panels generate electricity by converting the energy in sunlight through a natural process performed by semiconductors. PV solar panels capture the energy the sun radiates, which is composed of energy particles called “photons”. When these photons enter the solar panels, they create movement by the free electrons in the PV cells. That movement is an electrical current which when strong enough can be used to power homes, sent back to fpl for a credit or be stored in batteries.

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How does PV Panels convert photon energy into electricity?

On a micro level, the photovoltaic process is similar to the mechanical-electrical process of a gas generator, without the CO2 byproduct. With a gas generator, gas is used to create an explosion inside the engine chambers, and propel the pistons causing the shaft to rotate which is converted into electricity using electromagnetism principles. Instead of using many components to convert energy, a solar system converts sunlight into electricity in the Solar PV cells on the Solar Panel and transfers that power into your electrical panel through the inverter & control system. Solar is a more refined pr ocess, that works with an unlimited resource.

Macsol Solar

The Inverter

The Inverter is the computer or brain of the system. It is the device that monitors the Solar Panel’s performance, converts from AC to DC and controls the net metering, which is the distribution of Solar, Battery, and FPL power into the house. The inverter also tracks and reports how the system is performing while improving grid stability and efficiency. All the data can be seen from the systems mobile app interface.

The data tracked by the inverter and reported in the mobile app includes:
  • Real-time performance tracking
  • Real-time power production
  • Accumulated energy
  • Value of energy produced
Macsol Solar

Solar System Net Metering

Switching to solar energy, offers you the benefit of either storage the energy, or retrofit the utility company which in exchange will give you utility credits for the extra production. The net energy metering is used to for solar owners to connect with the existing electrical grid so that they can earn credits for any excess solar energy that their system produces.

Macsol Solar

Florida Metering

In Florida, the net metering policies are standardized, if we compared with other states around the United States. The Sunshine state, allows for renewable energy systems of up to 10 kilowatts alternating current (kW AC) of capacity to be connected with their state’s NEM infrastructure, and at standard insurance coverages. It is possible to go as high as 2,000 kilowatts (kW AC), though in that case it is required to have higher insurance premiums. This includes solar energy and other sources of renewable energy. It is most common with solar energy systems due to its popularity and the reliability of the sun.

Macsol Solar

Local utility Company

The local utility companies have an application process, residential and commercial properties can apply to have their energy system adapted to support net energy metering). If the system is approved, the energy meter will be replaced with a new meter that can also measure the additional energy being produced and send it back into the grid.

Macsol Solar

Solar System Miscellaneous Components

Miscellaneous Components of a Solar System: other parts like electrical elements, wire, grounding lugs, combiner boxes, junction boxes, breakers, fuses, conduits are used for the installation and setup of the solar panel.


They are an optional component and only the Off-Grid system needs it. It is an extra that you will want to have, and it is recommended in Florida; because the hurricanes, since the inverter does not produce power without electric current, unless a battery is used, which allows to have current.

The materials we incorporate will connect your solar system to the internet and allow you to monitor energy production and revenue earned by the solar system in real-time on an individual panel level basis.

Macsol Solar

Macsol Solar System Monitoring App

Monitoring a Solar System: the interface for power monitoring is available via smartphone, tablet or personal computer. It is done through a specific application “Monitoring App”, it comes with the inverter, and is provided by the solar partner. Macsol Solar will monitor your system while under warranty.

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I don't think that architecture is only about shelter, is only about a very simple enclosure.


I don't think that architecture is only about shelter, is only about a very simple enclosure.

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I don't think that architecture is only about shelter, is only about a very simple enclosure.

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Solar Energy

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Solar energy is utilized by converting sunlight into either thermal energy or electrical energy. Solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy by the use of a photovoltaic system, comprised of many photovoltaic cells. These systems are used in residential homes and commercial establishments to create their own source of renewable energy.

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