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We will review your annual energy consumption and produce a model to demonstrate the projected monthly and annual energy generation output of the conceptual solar array design.

Macsol Solar System Process

We will review your annual energy consumption and produce a model to demonstrate the projected monthly and annual energy generation output of the conceptual solar array design.

A Solar System Designed Around the Way You Live

Free Energy Consultation

System Design and Permitting




Solar Systems Energy Consultation

The Journey begins by scheduling a energy consultation and getting to know your actual home power needs, and your future expectations.

One of our qualified Macsol Solar consultants will meet you and your family to review your power bill, appliances and lighting systems, to understand your actual power needs, and your future expectations. We then have a conversation about the different types of solar power systems available, how they work and schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss which ones will fit better according to your specific goals and requirements.

Energy Efficiency Recommendations

With all the information on your home, our engineers will prepare a preliminary system design that will work best according to your specific goals and requirements. Also included will be recommendations for appliance replacement, water heater replacement, installing insulation, and replacing lighting with LED that will also reduce your total power consumption where applicable. Together with a financial analysis, and a conservative estimate of system net metering, we will be able to provide you with a good idea of how much you are going to save going solar.

Free Energy Consultation

System Design and Permitting

After we have been contracted, we can begin the design and permitting phase. Satellite imagery, specific design tools with sophisticated solar production analysis, and a site survey are included in this process, so we can provide a tailored solution for your home. Our experienced Professional Engineers will go through every detail on the structural and electrical calculations in the permitting phase to make sure we adhere to the most restrictive building codes in South Florida.

Solar System Installation

Once the project plans are approved by the City and HOA (if applicable) then it is time for the installation. We at​ Macsol Solar​ know how delicate the roof is, which is the reason we only trust our highly experienced installers to work on it. A fast, safe, and reliable execution is our goal, so the building inspectors can approve our work with little to no repeat inspections needed.

Utility Interconnection

After the solar panels are installed, it is time to connect your solar panels to your Utility Interconnection, so you can start enjoying your new photovoltaic system. The utility company will replace your meter with a new bi-directional one so you can sell them the excess of electricity produced during the day. ​Macsol Solar also handles everything related to the integration, from start to finish.

Macsol Solar System Monitoring:

The App that Keeps Everyone Informed

Monitoring is essential for a solar system, it is a way to keep everyone informed with the system functionality of all the equipment, as well as, the total production of energy. Without monitoring, the system could go off, and no one would know. Having a panel that is not producing energy is a lost, as they have to be paid no matter what. We provide mobile app monitoring systems to ensure you are getting the best value out of your new solar system.

Macsol solar Value

Monitoring App

  • Monitoring App shows in real time what is the production, client knows in real time how much energy is being produced, and if it is producing or not.
  • Client can get the statistics of production by hour, day, week, year, period, as desired.
  • Compare energy production with the electricity bill and if it is according to plan, if not then we can take the necessary corrective measures.
  • App sends notifications to the client and Macsol Solar. If any problem occurs, it warns everyone; sending notifications and emails alerts.
  • Knowing that on the other side of the line there is a specialist observing and monitoring what is happening.
  • Client peace of mind.
Macsol solar Installations

Solar System App

Once your system is operating and connecting to the monitoring app, it’s time to seat back and relax while your new solar system is working for you. Advanced monitoring applications, visible on any computer or smartphone will keep you informed about the performance of the system and how much money it’s generating for you. But you’ll never walk alone on this, ​Macsol Solar Service Department will keep an eye on your system, taking appropriate actions if for some reason the system is not performing as expected.

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